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How do I register?

After you have determined fees for either Football, Cheer, or both programs, you may go to the registration site by clicking the REGISTER FOR 2015 SEASON NOW button below the Menu bar. You can also go there from HERE.


Follow the instructions on the welcome page for first-time login. Fill out appropriate information then proceed to credit card processing to complete registration.


What are costs for Football or Cheer?

  • Base fees for either Football or Cheer is $225.

  • A $150 fundraising fee is required.


Deposits for volunteer hours & uniform equipment are also due at registration, and refunded upon full completion and  return at end of season. For details please go HERE.


Can I make payments?

Yes. Planned installments are available as an option during registration process. Payments are made monthly so the close date of registration determines how many months from 1st payment.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Yes. BYF offers a program to help you raise funds by selling books of raffle tickets. An initial down payment is required, then (similar to fundraising raffle books) you’re issued the first book of tickets valued at $150. Sell this and use towards the registration payment, to which another book is then issued and sold. Follow this process until the total amount of fees are reached.

When does the season start?

  • Start of practices will begin on Monday, July 27.

  • First game for 2015 will be Saturday, August 22.


For all dates & times of scheduled events, please click HERE.

Are there weight limits for football?

NCYFC is an "X-Man" league. Each team division has a specific weight level to which heavier players are limited to playing a down linemen (offense or defense) position. All X-Men are designated with a large "X" on the front and rear of the player's helmet.


For details of weight limits, click HERE.

What additional equipment does my child need?

A listing below of items BYF provides, as well as additional required for each athlete:



  • (provided) helmet w/ mouthpiece, shoulder pads, game & practice jersey, game & practice pants w/ belts, game socks

  • (required) molded football cleats, 7-piece (hip, tail, thigh, knee) pad insert set



  • (provided) competition top, jacket, skirt, practice top & bottom

  • (required) athletic white shoes


Optional items: long sleeve/leggings, gloves, addtional paddings, etc.

More details on Football & Cheer programs, click HERE.

Can I volunteer to coach?

Anyone may apply to be a Head Coach, or Assistant Coach. All candidates must complete and submit a coach’s application that you can find HERE.


The Football or Cheer Directors will present HC candidates to the Board for approval. It is up to the head coaches in conjunction with the Football/Cheer Directors and the BYF Board to fill assistant coach positions.

Refund policy?

Because expenses (ie. insurance, equipment reconditioning, league fees, clinics & camps) commence prior to the season beginning, full to partial refunds are available within parameters stated under registration policies.

What are the volunteer & uniform deposits?

A volunteer deposit check for $250 is required at the time of registration. All families must provide 10 hours of volunteer services by the end of REGULAR SEASON. Upon verified completed hours, your check is destroyed.

Separate checks $200 for equipment loan, and $75 for late return. Both are destroyed upon satisfactory reurn.


For more details on volunteer positions, click HERE.

Is there a rulebook available?

Yes. The official 2015 NCYFC Rulebook & By-Laws may be found HERE.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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