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Unable to meet costs of registration? Don't let that prevent your athlete from playing! BYF offers a program to help you raise funds by selling books of raffle tickets*. An initial down payment is required, then (similar to fundraising raffle books) you’re issued the first book of tickets valued at $150. Sell this and use towards the registration payment, to which another book is then issued and sold. Follow this process until the total amount of fees are reached.
Note: This is highly recommended to supplement the higher registration costs for families with multiple children.


     To apply:
  • Sign up and log in to the REGISTRATION page.

  • When you’re ready to register your child, select the Payment Plan option.

  • Pay the down payment (fee varies between Cheer and Football)

  • Contact Shanohn Williams to sign a contract and receive your first ticket book.



*Raffle books for financial assistance are separate from Mandatory Fundraising book.

Financial Assistance

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