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Football Divisions by Age & Weight
We now have a total of (4) team squads and compete in an X-Man** league. Division details are as follows:

**Any player beyond the weight limit within an age division will play linemen (offense or defense) positions and are exluded from skill roles, ie. QB, RB, WR, LB, etc. All X-Men are designated with an "X" affixed to the front & rear fo helmet. This is a growing new trend in the safety of all players.


Items BYF provides:

-certified helmets including facemask, chinstrap, and mouthguard

-shoulder pads

-game & practice pants w/ belts

-game socks.

Items each player is required to provide:


-7-piece (x2 hip, x2 thigh, x2 knee, tail) pad inserts

-protective cup

-molded (no spiked) football cleats.


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